Angelica Minda

A Rising Prophet of Cheliax


Social Status-
After her father sold her to family Minda she was seen as a simple tool to leverage more power to their name. After her marriage to the head of the family ,and his death a few months afterwards. She has taken the (openly) undisputed head of the house. She has been making a large name for herself allowing for people to come from all around to be healed by her amazing presence. This has made her iconic in the northern lands of Cheliax. To all of her following she is known as the White Prophet

Angelica really is the definition of an outspoken young noble woman. She can be the most regal of person a one moment and the next act as a curious child the next. When doing her duties as prophet she seems as a saint to the people that come with disease and plague, she never turns away with disgust as others would. She talks to them as equals without any prejudice.

Family ties-
Besides her being the head of the Minda family, a family that over saw much of the northern farmlands of Cheliax, she holds Uncle Enrico DePello in very high regard as he has helped her with political changes to help the people she now oversees. She doesn’t have contact with her father that sold her away and doesn’t seem to have let that bother her either. The majority of the Minda family either continuous to go on before she was seated at the stead of the house or are complete leeches around the main estate, eating her out of house and home (metaphorically and in some cases literally).

Angelica Minda

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