Enrico Depello

Cheliaxian Duke of Halmyris


Enrico is a fairly young man with clear Chelaxian heritage, apparent by his ivory skin that doesn’t tan and slik black hair. Around average height possibly a little shorter than average, hard to tell with his attire usually has him wearing a odd mix of Eastern Kingdom robes and noble Chelaxian clothes and jewelry underneath. He walks with a cane almost always in hand, but it is more for show than anything else since his energetic walking and mannerisms don’t allow for time to use it.


Social Status – Enrico DePello is one of the three Dukes in Halmyris; appointed to this position by his great uncle Lord Anthen of the Thrice Damned family. Enrcio holds little power of anything other than the shared city with the Duke Canbren (A elderly Chelaxian man) and the Duchess Sarahn (a young half-elf woman).

Morals – DePello is a full blooded cheliaxian who would like to see Cheliax return to a more unified and unshackled nation. He strongly disapproves of his nations blight and unquenchable thirty for demonic power, though he sees it as a means to an end.

Family Ties – Enrico, other than his great Uncle, is one of the high positioned members of his family. His brother, Marcus DePello, had his titles revoked after he foolishly signed a deal with another family giving away his daughter and his estate (Enrico himself disowned him after this). Enrico has a son, Edwen DePello, that he adopted as a baby after realizing he had no real interest in finding a mother, but still wanted to leave a legacy of his own. Angelica Mindan his niece he also tries to look after since his brother had not. She has been drawing his attention with her actions lately, as well as others.

Enrico Depello

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